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2005-2008 (finished in 2008), Ink on bristol (30X 39 inches). This was a collaboration with myself. Why? Because it is easier for me to draw little things at night on a board while watching a movie with the family or whatever, I thought I would do a series of small pictures that would ultimately fit together as one larger piece. This is very similar to some collaborations that are being done on this site, except that I am doing it with myself. I decided that I liked individual panels better with some white separating the individual panes or panels, than all mashed together. This better represents the idea that they were done separately (except at the edges), but still shows their strange relationship to one another.


This drawing (or series of drawings) took a while to do, and although I didn't keep up with the time hour by hour, I do know that I have at least 270 hours in it. Crazy, I know.


This drawing was accepted into the 2008 Cotton District Arts Festival juried show in Starkville Mississippi where it won second place overall. It was later accepted in the People's Choice Competition at the Meridian Art Gallery in Meridian, MS where it won first place in the drawing/print division. It was featured as one of the best works submitted in June to the Surreal Arts Club on Deviant Art in an online article. It was accepted into the 36th annual Meridian BI-state Juried Competion in 2009 at the Meridian Museum of Art in MS (14 March-18 April 2009) where it won a merit award. 

Self Searching (also called Nine Panes of thought)

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