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Subconscious Meanderings: Surreal, Visionary, and Semi-Strange Drawings and Mixed Media Paintings - Paperback: 96 pages


Joe A. MacGown is a Mississippi artist who creates chaotic assemblages of strange mutated creatures, crowded surreal landscapes, and mandala-like designs that reflect his thoughts and observations of life on this planet. Using imaginative imagery and random patterns, he produces detailed drawings and mixed media paintings by simply allowing ideas to “flow out of his head” using a method he describes as “Subconscious Meandering.” MacGown’s background in entomology and natural history, coupled with his love of science fiction and cynicism of all things human, provide ample fodder for his surreal visions, which range from dark and foreboding to light and whimsical. This book takes the viewer through about 30 years of drawings and color works by the artist.

Subconscious Meandering Book by Joe A. MacGown

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